Freight Shipping to US

For shipments originating in Canada destined for The United States, the paps system is used.


Established by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS) allows our shipping experts to ship commercial deliveries across the border while still being processed by the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), the Automated Commercial Shipment (ACS), and the Automated Targeting System (ATS).

This efficient system is a mandatory requirement for all trucking deliveries according to the Trade Act of 2002. Additionally, each shipment has a unique barcode label with the information needed to successfully cross the border.

Simply put, the information on the shipping barcode is transmitted to the customs broker, which is input into the Automated Broker Interface (ABI), creating an entry into the ACS. This must be done before reaching the border. Once the shipment reaches the border, the CBP officer processes the shipment in ACE. This pulls the pre-set information already input in ACS and as long as no additional processing or examination of the truck is required, the shipment can be cleared.

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